Overexposed: Sexting and Relationships


    • In the video, Ms. Penland approaches the topic with sensitivity and caution.
    • It is helpful to let the students use their own vocabulary so they can think more about the topic and use their own thoughts instead of using others.
    • Ms. Penland uses iPads in the lesson to facilitate discussion, and put themselves in someone else’s shoes in a sexting situation.

Copyright 101

Copyright is something that protects things that people make and create. Fair use is a rule that provides exceptions to copyright laws. The four rules for fair use are:

  • The purpose of the use
  • Nature of the copied work
  • The amount of the work copied
  • Effect of your use on the market

The medium of the work being used also matters. It’s all different for print, video, multimedia, internet materials, and computer software. The ASCD (the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) provides a great summary of how the different media can change the rules.

Effective Presentations

When designing slide presentations, I knew previously that “less is more”, but hadn’t heard of the “1-7-7 rule” before, which I think is a smart idea.

Using this information in the classroom is important, because it can keep students focused and paying attention to the lesson. With this, you can have your classroom more engaging and more effective.

I think most of my Power Points have been pretty effective, but also could use a lot of improvement.

Information Literacy

Information literacy can be hard to define. Personally, I think that being literate with information means that you can objectively think about who is giving the information they are reading, and tell if there are any biases being presented.

I think that it is possible to teach students information literacy skills. If we as educators show students the importance of learning about where the information they are taking in is coming from, and what to look for when making sure that information is as accurate as possible.

I do believe that we can prepare students to be effective technology users. To do this, however, we have to be effective users ourselves. I think a big issue when educators try to integrate technology in the classroom is they don’t know how to use everything to its full potential, which is essential for teaching students the best to your ability.