Digital Natives and Immigrants

In recent discussions of technology a controversial issue has been about digital natives (those who grew up with and around technology), and digital immigrants (those who have not grown up with technology). On one hand, people argue that the digital immigrants should start teaching with the new styles of digital natives. From this perspective, the digital natives are thinking differently and having many different interactions than those from the past, and the ways of schooling that have been tried and true aren’t as effective. On the other hand, some argue that digital natives don’t exist. According to this view, they say that even though students may know how to use technology, they don’t know how to use it effectively to to its full potential.

In sum then, the issue is whether teachers should learn the “new way”, or students and teachers learn how to use technology effectively.


My own view is that I think both parties should learn how to use technology to its full potential. Though I concede that this would be easier said than done, I still maintain that it’s the right thing to do. This issue is important because times are changing, and schools need to change with them.


One thought on “Digital Natives and Immigrants

  1. I like your use of the They Say/I Say format to organize your post. It allows me, as your reader, to understand where your own opinion fits into the conversation. Which leads me to my question for your post- What is the difference between these two sides in your issue: “…whether teachers should learn the “new way”, or students and teachers learn how to use technology effectively.” I’m not clear on the difference.


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